Sign up on our App with your Phone Number. SANUSCOIN (SACOI), Stealth (XST), and Metronome (MET) listed

2 min readJun 30, 2020


We have implemented login and signup on our LATOKEN Android app with just your mobile number required. Enter your phone number to start trading wherever you are. No email required.

LATOKEN on Android

We allow access to the cryptocurrency market on the user’s smartphones via the LATOKEN Android app. Now, everything is accessible on your mobile device:

  • Buying and selling crypto with a credit card.
  • Trading of 500+ cryptocurrency pairs.
  • Sending money abroad, with zero fees if a recipient is registered on LATOKEN.
  • Investing in startups.
  • Earning money by inviting friends.

The app is available on Google Play Store and has already received 300+ positive reviews and 10,000+ downloads.

Launches of the week

This week, we launched SANUSCOIN and Stealth IEO, and listed Metronome on our platform. Get to know the key messages of the projects:



SANUSCOIN is a utility token, based on the bitcoin blockchain, created for SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL which sells tap water treatment systems, nutrition supplements and natural cosmetics to enhance our customers online shopping experience and drive our international expansion. SANUSCOIN has been created to internationalize SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL in a completely new way. It is the only tool the project uses for sending and receiving payments outside of EMEA.

Stealth (XST)

XST is a fast, feeless, and scalable transaction coin. It is on its own chain, established in a genesis block 7/4/2014. XST was fairly mined into existence by proof of work, except for a small premine, most of which is still intact. The premine has not been utilized for almost 3 years and was 1% of the original 20M PoW mining schedule.


Metronome (MET)

Metronome is an enduring, foundational cryptocurrency built for longevity and ready for future challenges. Self-Governing and Autonomous, Metronome’s self-governing nature helps it resist any undue influence of groups or individuals. Metronome’s launch and behavior is wholly governed by the four smart contracts without any privilege, backdoors, or access for anyone–including its creators. Reliable and highly predictable, Metronome was engineered to have a healthy, low rate of continuous issuance in its ecosystem forever.

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