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This week on VCTV, we are diving into the Middle East’s venture capital market and will discover insights of VC fields such as fintech, blockchain, entertainment, gaming, medtech, and 3 more business lines. Find all the upcoming events in the agenda on our launchpad.

We list WorldSpon (SPON) and AlgaeFarm (BIOG).


WorldSpon (SPON)

WorldSpon is a lottery company that connects cryptocurrency and spontaneous people by a domestic lottery solution. This company helps users from all over the world purchase lottery tickets with coins.

SPON Coin is a dividend coin available for transferring points to use in everyday life in cases such as fare and shopping. By creating a SPON Coin as a major shareholder in the lottery business, WorldSpon pays safer dividends to coin holders. The company operates the World Shopping Mall business so that SPON Coin holders can use points paid in dividends.

AlgaeFarm (BIOG)

Algae Farm’s algae production device — a modular bioreactor, designed to be deployed indoors, contributes significantly to the algae contributory market that was estimated at $9.9 B in 2018. Algae is being used in many markets, including cosmetics, a solar fuel, and water treatment and reuse.

Algae Farm intellectual property and technology includes a system and process that continuously produces high yield, predictable, and scalable algae biomass in a climate controlled indoor environment.

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#1 cryptocurrency exchange in liquidity for new digital assets and the leading platform for compliant multi-asset tokenization.

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#1 cryptocurrency exchange in liquidity for new digital assets and the leading platform for compliant multi-asset tokenization.

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