JPMorgan: main reasons for Ethereum’s superiority over Bitcoin

Ethereum is up 47% since early April. On April 29, its value reached a historic high of $2,8 thousand. During the same period, Bitcoin has decreased by 7%.

Investment bank JPMorgan has named clear reasons why Ethereum (ETH) is superior to Bitcoin (BTC), Business Insider reports.

JPMorgan has pointed out that Ethereum has more stable liquidity. The recent massive liquidation of long positions in the derivatives market affected altcoin to a lesser extent, and the main blow fell on Bitcoin. Probably the bank is referring to the massive liquidation of long positions in cryptocurrency on April 18. As a result of this liquidation, crypto traders lost over $9 billion in just a day, according to

The bank also noted Ethereum’s lesser dependence on the derivatives market as an advantage. In the case of the altcoin, the long-term position is less dependent on leverage. This is because Ethereum (ETH) has a higher spot turnover than Bitcoin (BTC), according to the bank’s note.

The Ethereum network is clearly characterized by a higher transaction speed than Bitcoin. JPMorgan noted the increased activity of DeFi and other projects built on the Ethereum blockchain.

There is clearly a big difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum. The leading cryptocurrency is seen more as a store of value and digital gold. At the same time, the altcoin is the backbone of the digital economy and is more positioned as a medium of exchange.

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