EU Commission discusses Crypto law on VCTV. Rowan Coin (RWN) listed.

2 min readJul 6, 2020


This week on VCTV, we raise the issue of a career path from being a receptionist to becoming a general manager in business ventures. We also discuss the EU’s upcoming regulatory framework on crypto assets. Besides other news, Rowan Coin (RWN) is listed.

LATOKEN on Android

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Rowan Coin (RWN)

Rowan Energy is the world’s first community fed green energy company. Rowan Energy utilises its custom low-powered (so low-carbon) POA blockchain to enable owners of rooftop solar to sell their energy to other consumers, peer to peer. This gives better returns for rooftop solar owners whilst using their immutable blockchain to prove where the energy was sourced giving their consumer customers the ability to track where their energy is actually coming from.

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