BitBay updated. LATOKEN lists Mask2020, SURFEX, Xenon, ARA, CryptoDaily, & Bloomzed

Among the latest news, LATOKEN launches the Mask2020 IEO, as well as SURFEX, Xenon, ARA, CryptoDaily, and Bloomzed listings. Trading with BitBay now turns much more reliable and sustainable due to the Dynamic Peg feature, while our VCTV program continues empowering with the VC funds HYPE Capital and She — VC.

BitBay (BAY)

We are happy to help you trade BAY and proud to announce the Dynamic Peg — a brand new value protection feature for BitBay, one that has yet to be seen in the cryptocurrency industry. With this unique and flexible system of liquidity control, BAY now serves as both a medium of exchange, and a store of value for investors. The Dynamic Peg is purely decentralized, non asset-backed, and most importantly, a democratic system. It reduces volatility, without anchoring the price to any one point.

BitBay is the world’s first peer-to-peer, decentralized contracting platform. Since 2014, everything from household items to real estate have been bought and sold using BitBay’s marketplace, all without any third-party involvement.


Mask2020 (MASK)

Mask2020 is the most actual project covering the needs of the current pandemic. The Mask Team is offering 500,000 different kinds of masks, 350,000 medical latex gloves, and 100,000 hand sanitizers to facilitate smooth supply chains to individuals and companies around the world.

Signing delivery contracts with various South Korean and Chinese companies and factories that can produce more than 5 million masks every day, as well as other protective supplies, Mask2020 is on the frontline of humanitarian crises. Users and suppliers can trade with each other, including daily information on various coronaviruses and self-diagnosis tools, handbooks, and more, through the Mask App with a cryptocurrency trade-credit L/C.



SurfExUtilityToken (SURF) is the official Exchange Utility Token for cryptocurrency exchange. MercuriEx exchange was developed in late 2017 and has been operational ever since.

In late 2019 SurfTheWeb Ltd UK purchased the fully operational exchange with the view of expanding operations to a global userbase. The exchange is already optimized to handle high volume trading and there is a clean and simple to navigate user interface.

Xenon (XEN)

Within the Xenon ecosystem, copyright holders and performers can get lucrative music sales with a distributor fee lower than 40% compared to the current market.

XEN is a decentralized application (Dapp) that runs on Ethereum blockchain. This is a utility token for usage on the platform provided by Xenon for purchasing and sponsoring music. Any music producer can skip the existing distribution process by registering directly with the Xenon Music Store and increase the profits of the music producer.


Ara directly connects creators and fans, enabling distribution and payment without platform fees and limits. Ara is a blockchain you can actually use: download the Ara File Manager, the open-source desktop client. Ara is truly decentralized: with the Ara File Manager, your machine participates directly in peer distribution swarms and the blockchain.

CryptoDaily (CRDT)

CryptoDaily is an award-winning, recognized media outlet that reports on the blockchain economy and cryptocurrency markets. Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Singapore, CryptoDaily provides 24-hour news coverage of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, principally through the website at and their social media channels.

The CRDT Token represents a strong and diverse utility, offering a strategic advantage that promotes the daily use of cryptocurrency and blockchain, including using as a means for subscribing to the value-added services, like subscriptions to charting within the platform.

Bloomzed (BZT)

For an individual, Bloomzed is a new-generation “Financial Smartphone”, offering a range of digital services in a mobile app, including money transfer, e-money wallet, cryptocurrency wallet. For a business, Bloomzed is an essential “Modern Barcode”, offering quick payments for goods and services, a centralized platform for trading operations, in-time remittance distribution to the final beneficiary, CRM, the combination and permanent upgrade of all existing loyalty systems.

BZT token is issued for the BZT LC loyalty system from the Bloomzed project, which combines all tools of rewarding customers: discounts, bonuses, cashback, unique tool — the BZT Referral Program, wallet for digitizing physical discount and bonus cards, and gift certificate service.

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