LATOKEN, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, and IEO launch platforms with a focus on security and useability, does its best to keep its users, traders, and all the crypto enthusiasts worldwide up to date. So when you trade or deal with crypto somehow, it’s an essential step. And don’t forget to do your own research — that’s how you will stay safe!

In today’s post, we want to tell you about Twitter. The social network will not take a commission for transfers in cryptocurrency. At the moment, the function is only available on devices with the iOS operating system.

Twitter: Bringing Tips to everyone

On September 22, the Bitcoin price, the first cryptocurrency, for the first time in the past six weeks fell below $40 thousand. In this LATOKEN review, let’s try to figure out if this can reverse the global upward trend and negatively affect the digital asset market? What to know about Bitcoin price prediction? Read more in our LATOKEN review!

A moment of uncertainty. LATOKEN review

After falling to $40 thousand, the Bitcoin rate met support in the zone, from which the asset began to grow rapidly in August 2021. …

LATOKEN, an international, one of the leading crypto exchanges, and IEO launch platforms with a focus on security and useability, is happy to announce that Ex-CFO of JP Morgan SMMC Brent Beeman will join LATOKEN.

Brent Beeman comes to work with LATOKEN with 25 years of C-Level experience. He has served as Chief Financial Officer for JP Morgan, Huntington National Bank, and Barnett Banks, and as Chief Operating Officer for several community banks. In addition to his experience in financial services, he has worked a lot in technology, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and real estate for companies in the UK, Asia, and…

What is the best cryptocurrency exchange? Let’s try to find it out!

Traders should evaluate cryptocurrency exchanges as rigorously as any other organization offering financial services. You cannot trust any exchange from the Google banner, just as you cannot place all your savings in the first bank you come across.

How to choose the best crypto exchange? Why is LATOKEN the best crypto exchange? Why look through reviews and study the history of hacks and cases of crypto scams? You will find all the essential information in this LATOKEN review.

A cryptocurrency exchange is an online platform where you can…

If you regularly read our LATOKEN reviews, you probably know that we are not only sharing important information about potentially promising tokens, crypto projects, and protocols, we also share crypto news. We do this because we care about our users, crypto traders, and all the crypto enthusiasts worldwide and want to keep everyone up to date — it’s essential if you trade or are even just interested in cryptocurrency. So today we want to share news about MicroStrategy.

MicroStrategy invests in Bitcoin again?

The largest cryptocurrency holder among public companies now owns 114 thousand BTC, the value of which exceeds $5 billion. …

Alpha Finance Lab… What is it? You will find everything out now through our new LATOKEN review.

We want to remind you that LATOKEN, an international cryptocurrency exchange and IEO platform with over 1.3 million users worldwide, wants to keep its users, traders, and crypto enthusiasts updated about different tokens, protocols, and other crypto projects. Crypto trading can be tricky; everyone who already deals with crypto or only planning to become a trader should know about that. So if you’re interested in buying this or that token, you should read all the information available regarding this crypto project. We are…

Keep Token (KEEP)… What is it? We’re happy to share this LATOKEN review. It can be called a special one as we want to talk about confidentiality when dealing with crypto.

The level of confidentiality is the missing link in the blockchain industry that is sorely lacking for the development of many decentralized applications.

Data confidentiality is necessary for companies’ work and crypto market participants who do not want to carry out public transactions. The Keep Network protocol was created to solve such privacy issues.

What is Keep Network? How does this project work? Should you buy KEEP tokens? …

Here’s our new LATOKEN review on Solana token. Do you remember that our LATOKEN reviews are written to keep users, traders, and crypto enthusiasts up-to-date with different protocols and tokens? We are not only writing about new tokens listed on LATOKEN; we also want to keep you updated about potentially promising projects. That’s the reason we want to write about Solana (SOL) today. This token has risen in price by more than 200% in a month. So what might happen next? Let’s try to figure it out.

What is a SOL token?

Solana is an advanced open-source blockchain project that aims to leverage several disruptive…

Here’s another LATOKEN review, and we want to talk about Ethereum and name the fundamental factors that, in theory, might provoke the “explosive” growth of Ethereum (ETH).

Ethereum’s “London” hard fork

One of the key features can be called the recent change to the altcoin blockchain, resulting in a mechanism for burning digital coins being introduced. On August 5, the London update was released on the Ethereum network, which completely changed the mechanism for calculating transaction fees. As a result, some of the commissions that miners previously received as a reward are now burned.

Token burning is the destruction of a certain number of…

Yes, it’s our new LATOKEN review, and the crypto market is on-ramp again! In mid-August, its capitalization exceeded $2,2 trillion, and many tokens again show hundreds and even thousands of percent growth in a short period. There are several major trends right now that determine the direction of the whole industry. Want to find out more about how to make money right now? Read our LATOKEN review!

DeFi as a trend

The number of blocked funds in DeFi projects (TVL) is growing steadily. That figure peaked at $84,7 billion on Aug. 14, according to DeFi Pulse. Last summer, the value was $6,3 billion. …


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