78+ Active Investors live on LATOKEN VCTV, BlockMax Successful IEO, Refork Trading Competition, 4 listings and 2 IEOs

4 min readAug 12, 2020


We have exciting news — we released our pitching launchpad! Now, it is the largest platform for live pitching to active Investors, with 77 investors available. Select top investors in your sector and pitch online on LATOKEN VCTV:

  • Ali Saheli, General Partner at 7 Gate Ventures — 23 investments, last on March 2nd, 2019
  • Anup Jain, Managing Partner at Orios Venture Partners — 58 investments, last on April 22nd, 2020
  • Brian Halweil, Portfolio Manager Almanac Insights — 10 investments, last on January 15th, 2020
  • Henry Chi, Portfolio Manager Capital Innovators — 107 investments, last on February 21st, 2020
  • Julien Etaix, Investment Partner & Portfolio Manager Airbus Ventures — 46 investments, last on July 3rd, 2020
  • Matthew Le Merle, Managing Partner Keiretsu Capital — 79 investments, last on July 8th, 2020

And 70+ more

You are able to pitch to selected investors on our online live show and get the investor’s feedback. Thousands of other potential investors could see you.

The pitching cost is $200 only. If the selected investor does not attend the show, you will get a full refund of the paid amount. We do not charge an introduction fee if you get an investment.

Top active investors are booked fast, follow this link to book pitching slot now >

BlockMax fundraised 370,000 USD on LATOKEN

We are happy to announce that LATOKEN, The №1 IEO platform has once again successfully helped raise 370,000 USD for our partners Blockmax via our superior infrastructure services. This month 2 projects have raised more than 200,000 USD per each.

Refork trading competition on LATOKEN launched!

Receive a prize from the prize pool of 200,000 EFK (4500 USDT as per August 11th)!

As per the rules, the participants trade 10,000 EFK tokens on LATOKEN within 10 days, from August 10th to August 20th, to get on the top 100 list and become one of the winners. The reward will be distributed among the winners according to users’ total trading volume.


Refork (EFK)

Refork resolves the current global issues with plastic causing climate change by developing biodegradable products that do not burden nature. Everyone will be able to use eco products made by Refork for their needs and save the planet. Given the long-term experience with manufacturing plastic products, Refork initiates the worldwide expansion, thereby helping improve the ecological situation on our planet and protect the Earth from the consequences of excessive plastic waste.

EFK token helps create a strong global green community. It works as a multi-function global virtual voucher that allows anyone around the world to work with Refork, spread their vision, and earn rewards depending on the number of EFK tokens held.


LODI is a community platform where fans can proactively support the artists by evaluating (likes), posting comments, sharing, and following their contents. The most popular artists will get an opportunity to have an audition at LODI, and selected trainees will receive systematic training at LODI Academy. They will be able to debut and work with partner agencies later. Fans can purchase items, participate in fan clubs, request performances using LODI tokens.

LODI platform is operated by Star Empire Co., Ltd. that has a leading Korean Entertainment industry. Star Empire is striving to build a wide range of content via differentiated strategies like the LODI platform business.

Kind Ads (KIND)

Kind Ads is a decentralized ad network that removes the middleman to allow publishers keep more of their revenue, users to browse less intrusive and more targeted ads and advertisers to save money. The project helps publishers to easily choose which advertisers can run ads on their site, while advertisers will be able to find the publishers based on subscriber quality and run campaigns with confidence.

Sanuscoin (SACOI)

SACOI token is based on the bitcoin blockchain which was created specifically for SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL. SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL sells tap water treatment systems, nutrition supplements and natural cosmetics. In addition, the company is deploying blockchain technology to enhance their customers’ online shopping experience and drive their international expansion.


Spheroid Universe (SPH)

Spheroid Universe is a platform for developing and launching projects in Augmented Reality. This is a technological ecosystem based on breakthrough technologies that help to connect the Augmented Reality world with the real world of gaming, entertainment, advertising, education, various types of services and activities with extensive monetization possibilities for participants.

The idea of the platform is based on the extension of the concept of private property to the augmented reality space (parceled out into plots called Spaces — ERC721 tokens). Spheroid Universe is a vast new market, where Space owners rather than IT corporations will receive the main share of profits. It’s a world where advertising is not a boring billboard, ad, or video clip, but a work of art. Vivid, vibrant, and fascinating. The Spheroid Universe Platform is a basis for business interactions of more 100,000 users today.

2local (L2L)

​​2local 5th round of the Token Sale will be launched on LATOKEN on August 11th!

2local is an innovative blockchain powered loyalty platform that is tapping into banking to support sustainability and prosperity. It offers a smart marketplace to connect consumers and companies that produce local and sustainable goods and services. The unique cashback system, decentralized multi-currency digital wallets and the L2L coins are designed to rise in value and therefore create prosperity for their members.

For more details on Exchange Listing, IEO, STO, HFT or Partnerships, contact us at listings@latoken.com or text us on t.me/listing_LA




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