According to Michael Saylor, this altcoin is not a real digital asset since its popularity is temporary, and bitcoin is a real cryptocurrency “for the next hundred years.”

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Sailor compared buying Dogecoin to buying a lottery ticket. It can be enjoyable, he says, with a “chance to win some money.” The billionaire noted that there are advantages to Dogecoin’s popularity. For example, altcoin encourages the involvement of more enthusiasts in the crypto industry. However, they only interact with the digital coin for fun.

Earlier, CEO Michael Sailor said that bitcoin would become the main store of value…

Recently, more and more proposals for staking stable tokens have been appearing. Let’s try to figure out how safe it is and how this method of making a profit works.

The ability to deposit in stablecoins is provided by both centralized platforms and exchanges and decentralized DeFi projects. Staking has different terms: some deposits can be withdrawn at any time, others (usually with a higher rate) only after the expiration of the deposit term.

The advantage of decentralized platforms as non-custodial services is that users independently manage their money and have access to it. …

Over the past few weeks, Bitcoin (BTC) quotes have been in the same price range (about $52–58 thousand.) But at the same time, the increase in the cost of altcoins was noted. For example, Ethereum (ETH) has reached its all-time high of $3,000.

It could indicate the onset of the so-called altcoin season when investors begin to shift capital from the leading cryptocurrency to lesser-known and capitalized digital coins.

LATOKEN experts will try to explain whether the altcoin season has really come and what it means for the crypto market.

LATOKEN does not provide investment advice; the material is written…

What Does Ripple’s Possible IPO Mean & What Could Happen To XRP

The company plans to go public if it wins a lawsuit over the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Why should this be treated with a grain of salt, and should XRP be viewed as a stable asset? Let’s try to figure it out.

LATOKEN does not provide investment advice; the material is written for informational purposes only. Cryptocurrency is a volatile asset that can lead to financial losses.

The CEO of the Japanese financial giant SBI Group, Yoshitaka Kitao, has confirmed Ripple’s intention to hold an IPO…

While crypto-assets are emerging as a viable alternative asset class, much of the cryptocurrency market remains is clouded in mystery and a wide range of scams remains commonplace in the sector. Today LATOKEN experts want to share interesting and helpful information on how crypto scammers use dating apps like Tinder to steal cryptocurrency.

The hard-to-trace nature of cryptocurrencies makes them a popular target for cybercriminals. Stealing money out of someone’s bank account and getting away with it is hard. …

Ethereum is up 47% since early April. On April 29, its value reached a historic high of $2,8 thousand. During the same period, Bitcoin has decreased by 7%.

Investment bank JPMorgan has named clear reasons why Ethereum (ETH) is superior to Bitcoin (BTC), Business Insider reports.

JPMorgan has pointed out that Ethereum has more stable liquidity. The recent massive liquidation of long positions in the derivatives market affected altcoin to a lesser extent, and the main blow fell on Bitcoin. Probably the bank is referring to the massive liquidation of long positions in cryptocurrency on April 18. …

Over the past few days, Bitcoin has been trading in the range of $49–51 thousand after falling by more than 12% in just a day. Should we expect a further decrease in quotations in the coming days? Let’s try to figure it out.

Over the past week, Bitcoin has fallen in price by 18%, according to CoinGecko. A significant decrease in quotations took place on April 23. Then the cost of the first cryptocurrency fell to a minimum mark since March 6 — $47,5 thousand. In the last few days, the leading digital coin has been trading in the range…

The Bitcoin rate fell by more than 15%, reached 54,8 thousand dollars and bounced back, evidenced by data from CoinDesk.

As reported by Bloomberg, it was the most significant drop in cryptocurrency in more than seven weeks. Such a drop may be due to reports of a possible start of an investigation in the United States of money laundering through cryptocurrencies. In March, the US Federal Reserve System chairman, Jerome Powell, said that “cryptocurrencies are more of an asset for speculation.”

On April 14, the cryptocurrency set a record in value when one Bitcoin could be purchased for more than…

Over the past week, this altcoin has risen in price by 433% and took 8th place among the largest cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization. Experts explained the growth of a digital coin and what prospects it has in the future.

Over the past few days, Dogecoin has more than doubled in price and updated its all-time high at $ 0.33. The growth for the week was 433%. Due to this, the capitalization of the altcoin increased to $ 38.6 billion. It took eighth place among the largest cryptocurrencies, according to CoinGecko.

The rise in Dogecoin price occurs against the backdrop…

New Kind of Network: the new blockchain for decentralized internet bandwidth distribution

LATOKEN specialists are always interested in new projects, especially if they have the potential. Today we would like to leave a review for a New Kind of Network — the Internet on a blockchain. What is it, and why it has so much potential? Let’s find out today.

Description of the project

NKN (New Kind of Network) is a new project aimed at rebuilding the Internet, which will be open, decentralized, dynamic, secure, shared, and owned by the community. NKN intends to implement Cellular Automata for innovation on multiple core layers throughout the stack. First of all, the project will…


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